Relax..........You are just one massage away from a great mood.

I am a Faversham based Holistic & Beauty therapist. I can offer all treatments in my treatment room at West Faversham Community Centre. I am fully qualified and Insured to carry out various Holistic & Beauty treatments. 
 Although massage can be traced back as early as 3000BC, the massage we most recognise today originates from the work of a Swedish physiologist hence the term ‘Swedish massage. It is sometimes also referred to as ‘holistic massage’ as the treatment takes into account the whole person, rather than just focusing on the symptom or the part that has the problem. Massage is one of the eldest forms of medicine. massage is brilliant for relaxation and leaving you with a sense of wellbeing.
I am very passionate about massage and all the holistic and beauty therapies I offer I am  incredibly grateful I can have a job doing something I love so much. Unlike if you attend a busy salon  I wont keep you waiting and I wont rush you out the door once finished. I want all my clients to leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and like you are walking on air.

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